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The greatest systems are only as good as how well you understand and use them.  We recognise the importance of high quality training for new systems and existing systems alike.  By providing a full range of training offerings that can be customised to your needs we are confident that we will meet your needs. We have accreditation and specialise in many different systems

Rollout Support

A crucial part of any rollout is ensuring the team are able to utilise the system and get the best from it.  We can provide the  support for your rollout and be on hand for classroom training, floor support and remote support

Internal Training

We can become an integral part of your internal training team or we can simply act as your internal training team. 

Training Material


Bespoke training material can be created for both off the shelf or bespoke systems.  This can be in document format, in wiki format or searchable help formats to be added to knowledge bases or online help articles


Bespoke eLearning material created.  This can be a reusable training tool.  Extremely beneficial for onboarding of new staff or mass training and attention grabbing messages

EMC RCA Process

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)


At EMC we recognise that things do and will go wrong from time to time.  We believe that there is something to be learnt from all eventualities good or bad and ourapproach to RCA aims toimprove knowledge and avoid similar occurences.

Our  method relies on evidence based findings which can be mapped to logical processes.  These processes can be diagramatically represented with extra detail captured in procedure documents.    Our initial focus is on the investigations to elicit causes and develop a good understanding of the subject matter.

Armed with the results from the investigation our team can build / suggest solutions that should  not only avoid re- occurence but also help to correct the unwanted issues which have resulted.



We see implementation as a part of the Digital transformation process.  This involves looking at business and organizational activities, processes, competencies and models, identifying the oportunities for improvements and efficiency gains that are to be had from leveraging technology.  Involving us in your implementation, be it bespoke, vendor products or off the shelf will ensure that future integration is easily possible.

System Integration

The advantages to be gained from using technology and digital transformation as a whole are heavily rooted in system integration.  Data must be shared both accurately and efficiently if the best gains are to be realised.  With years of experience in some of the worlds premier organisations, our team are able to assist in identifying integration opportunities and bringing them to reality.

Project Management


Effective management of implementations is key.  We are flexible with regards to Agile, Waterfall or hybrid models, basing our goals on the GTD (getting things done)  principles. no matter the project, its stage or its type our qualified consultants can help

Project Rescue

It is a fact that many projects which fail do so for reasons that can be avoided or remediated.  Our experienced team can help with putting projects back on track and seeing them through to completion.  We will perform a detailed review and identify the steps to success.


Support is an essential component in the systems life cycle.  Changes, upgrades and outages all require support.  We offer flexible support packages that can be tailored to your needs.

Infrastructure and Software Support and Maintenance

Once your systems are in place the hope is that all will run smoothly, the reality is that this is rarely ever the case.  We can offer support packages that can be built just for you, managing both hardware and software issues and providing excelent resolution turnaround times

Post Go Live Support

Our post go live support extends to more than just training.  We are able to put our consultants on hand to ensure that the first shaky steps taken after delivery are supported in every way possible.  Be it by creating individual crib sheets or answering individual queries to suggesting process improvements and organisation wide change management. 

Managed Service


We recognise that prepackaged managed services can sometimes have more or less than you need.  At EMC we work with you to build up customised managed service offerings that perfectly meet your needs.  Our managed service packages can contain Support, Training or implemenation in almost any blend and combination you need. with the flexibility to modify them as your needs change