About Us

At EMC Partnership we understand technology.  Our substantial experience brings about a pragmatic approach to delivery and we work with you to get results.


Simplicity is a word by which we have built our service.  You know where you need to go and we know how to get you there

We understand that technology is needed in order to enhance your business.  At the core of what we do, we always aim to deliver advantages that technology brings.  We do not believe in technology for the sake of it.  Adding Value and using technology to gain advantages is quite simply what we do.

  • The right technology.

  • Adding Value.

  • Working within your culture.

  • Leveling the playing field.

  • Effective Training.

  • Essential Support.

Regardless of what you need, our process remains the same.  It starts with developing a clear appreciation of your requirements.  Our consultants bring years of experience to this step, navigating expertly through your business processes and documenting your needs.  Be it implementing a new system, supporting and getting the best out of an implemented system or providing training.  We bring our years of experience in the financial, regulatory and legal industries and offer them to you.

It takes nothing to find out more so contact us and we will be delighted to have a non comital discusion.


STEP 1 - Discovery

An initial stage where we work with you to understand exactly what is needed.  The focus is on us imersing ourselves into your situation and making sure we come away with full knowledge of any challenges being faced or forseen.


STEP 2 - Proposal

Once we understand the requirement we are able to design a solution tailored to your specific requirements.  This will largely be based around your experiences and any criteria which you have set.  The proposal is an important step as it forms the agreement of what you will get from us

STEP 3 - Execution

Execution is of course a hugely important step. It is the core step in delivering against the requirements and thus adding value.  Our consultants work with you to ensure clear comunication and status updates through the execution phase.  Constant checks against the agreed proposal are made.

STEP 4 - Delivery

We do not simply see delivery as us delivering against the proposal.  We see it as the beginning of a long term benefits generation.  We understand that environments may change and the delivery of a proposal must take that into account.  We provide the necessary documentation and ensure you have easy access to our consultants following delivery.